MathHives provides no-cost math solutions for an array of mathematical subjects, such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability, advanced algebra, area, volumes, complex numbers, calculus, integral calculus, matrices, and determinants. MathHives delivers a broad range of mathematical exercises and formulas, coupled with rich explanations, to assist students in refining their math skills for free.

Hives Basic Algebra Solver

Hives algebra solver provides step-by-step solutions for arithmetic and algebraic equations. It handles basic operations, factors, and multiples. Additionally, it works with decimals, errors, percentages, and ratios.

Advanced Algebra

MathHives is an algebra solver that can handle many advanced algebra problems such as powers, roots, indices, brackets, factorization, equations, logarithms, inequalities, polynomial division, number sequences, binary numbers, fractions, transposing formulae, and simultaneous equations.

Hives Areas and Volumes Solver

The MathHives calculator precisely solves different areas and volumes, such as circles, degrees, and radians, usual geometric forms, and irregular shapes. It additionally computes average values.

Hives Geometry Problem Solver

MathHives Geometry solver offers step-by-step solutions for problems involving angles, triangles, Pythagorean theorem, sine, cosine, tangent, trigonometric waveforms, Cartesian to polar coordinate transformation, and sine and cosine rules.

Simplifies Complex Numbers

MathHives simplifies intricate mathematical problems in both Cartesian and polar forms. The MathHives calculator has the capacity to perform diverse mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as solve complex equations. Additionally, the complex calculator provides solutions to the Argand diagram, De Moivre’s theorem, powers, roots, and exponential forms of complex numbers.

MathHives Formula Generator

The MathHives formula generator identifies problems or concepts that require formulas. It analyzes the variables and relationships involved in the problem, utilizing mathematical principles and operations to create an equation that accurately represents the problem and its variables. The generator also validates the formula by checking its accuracy in representing the problem.

MathHives Classroom

The MathHives classroom is an automated math tutor that provides solutions to math problems of different categories, and presents a guide on how to solve them step by step.